Radio Pure Gently is pleased and proud to present the second show from our new wonderful presenters.  Gretchen Kelly and Emily Wegh.
Tune in on Tuesday, 21st of January, 2014 from 7pm (GMT) | 2pm (EST) to hear their second fantastic show.  

If you missed their last show, the replay is here!
Radio Pure Gently - The Ladies Have Arrived - 16-01-2014 - Week 75mixlr.comLive Eclectic broadcast from Radio Pure Gently | |

New Website

17th October, 2013.

Larry and Micky have been busy working hard for the past while getting to grips with designing and creating the new website. We hope you like the look of it. The main aim of re-developing the website is to make it more accessible for you, the people to find out about all the great new acts we showcase on our show. Each week, we will be adding new band/artist pages along with links to their official pages/websites for you to buy and download their music. By doing so, you will be supporting independent music. So, for every Pound/Dollar you spend, it means one less going into the pocket of the greedy label executives. (Are you listening Simon Cowell? You already have your jet! You don't need another one!)

Check back here every week to keep up to speed with the latest goings on in RPG land.

Buy the music, don't bootleg it. Join the independent music revolution on Radio Pure Gently.

Welcome To Radio Pure Gently.

Thank you for stopping by our brand new website.

Radio Pure Gently started in August 2012, and came about when Rob Puricelli's Radio Thetford show came to an end. All of the RPG presenters used to tune in every Thursday, and when it finished, inspired by Rob, we decided to create our own radio show.

Presented by 6 gentlemen (Rohan and Rob on special occasions) from locations in the U.K. and the U.S.A., we have a global audience of dedicated listeners.

We only play music we love, and actively showcase brand new music. Check out the rest of the site for more information. We broadcast every Thursday from 7pm (UK)/2pm (EST) here and you can listen to our previous shows here. - Team RPG.

Contact Us


If you want to contact us, don't be sheepish! (Hence the picture of sheep...) We want you to contact us. We really do. If you want to heap loads of praise on us for what we are doing, then we won't stop you! (If you want to give us loads of money too... we won't stop you either!) If you want to enquire about submitting material, general enquiries etc., drop us an email. Finding new music and giving it a global platform is what Radio Pure Gently is all about.

We are on Facebook and Twitter. Check us out!  |