New Website

17th October, 2013.

Larry and Micky have been busy working hard for the past while getting to grips with designing and creating the new website. We hope you like the look of it. The main aim of re-developing the website is to make it more accessible for you, the people to find out about all the great new acts we showcase on our show. Each week, we will be adding new band/artist pages along with links to their official pages/websites for you to buy and download their music. By doing so, you will be supporting independent music. So, for every Pound/Dollar you spend, it means one less going into the pocket of the greedy label executives. (Are you listening Simon Cowell? You already have your jet! You don't need another one!)

Check back here every week to keep up to speed with the latest goings on in RPG land.

Buy the music, don't bootleg it. Join the independent music revolution on Radio Pure Gently.


This is our Blog page...

Every week, we will keep you updated on the current goings on within the RPG family. If we find new music we like or if something very cool comes our way, you will be the first to know!