Rob "The Fairlight" Puricelli

Rob "The Fairlight" Puricelli.

Rob Puricelli was born within earshot of Carrow Road. Rob once dabbled in talking about music on a weekly radio show, to people that should've known better. Those people went on to form Radio Pure Gently and rightly so.

Bereft of any salary inducing music making talent of his own, he decided to write about it or ride on the coat-tails of others more talented than he. A devout worshipper of the almighty Fairlight, and the ancient Australian prophet Vogel, his ramblings can be found on his blog which he writes in-between travelling around the world in his day job as an international man of misery.

He can also be occasionally found on various music making podcasts on which he pretends to know what he's talking about and others try to get a word in edge ways.