Featured Acts

Featured Artists rule the world!

We love new music!

At Radio Pure Gently, our main mission is to showcase brand new independent music from up-and-coming talented bands and artists.

We are always looking out for new acts, and encouraging them to contact us to submit new material for us to put on our playlist.

If we like it, we will play it! Simple!

At Radio Pure Gently, we know how hard it is to gain the maximum exposure and promotion for new acts, especially with the major labels flooding the market with "talent show" wannabes. It's easy to get lost in the mix.

If you want to enquire about submitting material, drop us an email. info@radiopuregently.com

Over the next while, we will be creating artist pages, featuring the new acts we showcase. Keep an eye out for them.

At the end of every show, we will post up all the download links for you to buy and download the music we play. If you like it, buy it, don't bootleg it. Support the artist!